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Won't you be my neighbor?

23 April 2015

We have the cutest neighbor! Her name is Jo, and she lives and takes care of her 90 year old mother :O. She is so sweet, and loves on our kids. She plays with them, takes them on walks, and even buys them gifts! She's like a grandma to them!

Who doesn't love tiny baby feet? I could stare at them all day. Their feet look identical.

So Ryan is 13lbs. When I was pregnant with the twins, I had over 14lbs  of baby in my belly (they weighed 7lbs and 7lbs 5oz)... I just realized this week that that is MORE than what each of them weigh right now, and I can't believe it! They seem so huge to me! 
Can you imagine skin covering this giant baby plus more...and 2 babies worth of fluid/placenta etc? Yikes. My skin hurts just thinking about it.

My sister inlaw, Cathi, just had her baby (named her Wendi) just over a month early! She is so tiny and adorable! She is still on oxygen and needs a feeding tube, but she is doing great, and we can't wait to meet her!

Matching brothers at church!

...not matching, but he wanted a picture with Lyla too hah:

This cracks me up!

So proud of Jared for making good grades and getting inducted into Beta Gamma Sigma this week!

While grocery shopping today, and employee approached me and said "We should have a daycare so you can do your shopping.".... he's right! Seriously. If a grocery store chain offered child watch while you shop... they'd make millions.
...but then again, we wouldn't get all of the looks and comments we do from fellow shoppers, and then shopping wouldn't be quite so entertaining...I need to get a GoPro for a day to share what it's like having twins. Or, I could just tell you it would be full of hundreds of comments like:  "Look, twins!" "Wow, you have your hands full, don't you?" "Awww they are so cute! Are they twins?" "Is one a boy and one a girl?" "Do twins run in your family?" ...etc

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