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Picture dump and Family Home Movie

03 May 2015

I think I have a picture taking problem. Especially of the twins.... It's like everyday they look different and learn new things, and I just want them to stay my little babies forever, but I know that can't happen, so I just like capturing every moment to remember forever :) haha.

Lyla's tummy before eating...

Lyla's tummy after eating...It literally quadruples in size. I don't know how she does it!

If Kyler could live outside, he would. He is always asking to go play outside, and eat every meal out there. 

Had to. Typical Lyla when she gets put down.

Don't worry. I gotcha bro!

They are both such good nappers! 9am-11am and 1pm-3pm plus a short catnap around 5pm most days. Bed at 7. Feeding at 11pm and 4am. Up at 7am. Not a bad schedule! Although...I wouldn't complain if they wanted to sleep through the night more often. They've only done that twice.

This deserves to be on the blog: Red Robins new poppin purple pear lemonade. Uhhh so good.

The back of Ryan's head (insert crying laughing emoji... why don't they have emoji's on blogger yet?)

I dropped Kyler off at preschool one morning, and when I got back in the car and looked over in the passenger seat I saw this. It made me miss him real bad, and I (almost) marched right back in to get him.

We've been trying out a few Charlie Banana Cloth diapers this month, and I love them! Wish I had some more... in fact... I think I will be buying some more soon! link to how they work: charlie banana cloth diapers for the curious.

Loving this sweet pom bracelet from Pretty By JL. Love her!

Can't remember if I posted this on the blog yet or not, but a while ago, while in the car, both the babies were screaming and Kyler goes:
"Babies! Stop Crying! You cry? You gotta go back to the hawsible (hospital) and get back in mommy's tummy. Oh yeah... say prayers! Heavenly Father, please bless the babies to stop crying, in the name of Jesus Christ Amen."
...And then the babies immediately went silent.
His prayers lately have been so adorable.

Loving this headband from ZBaby Threads! Her Etsy Shop is darling... headbands, baby booties, and the cutest little rompers!
 We actually call Lyla "Belle" (her middle name) more than Lyla at home. I don't know why, it is just what comes out! (also her common nicknames of Belle... Miss Belle, Sleepy Belle, Angry Belle, Smiley Belle,  Hungry Belle, Stinker Belle (when she poos) haha. Sometimes I wonder if I call her Belle too much...hopefully she will answer to Lyla  as she grows...that's the name we intended for her to have :D

I took these pictures before church today....we were 2 min late... but I got all of these cute pictures taken so it was totally worth it. haha.

I love these kids sooo much! 

This is our first family home movie with the twins in it! (not counting their birth video).

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