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Vacation part 2

28 May 2015

Spending 2 weeks in Utah was so much fun, but even in 2 weeks time, we still didn't get to see everybody that we wanted to see, or do everything we wanted to do. I guess we'll have to plan another trip soon! It's good to be back home, although, it has been rough getting back into our normal schedule. Kyler loved staying up late and camping out with his cousins for 2 weeks. They were all so cute together. Whenever we spied on them, they would whisper to each other words like "toilet" and "toot" and then all three would burst into giggling fits. It was adorable. Oh little boys.

We also did the Dinosaur Museum and a movie night with the Schramm cousins!

Jared and I snuck a date night in at the Jordan River LDS temple. How could we not, with so many wonderful teenage cousins and aunties around to babysit?  It was gorgeous! 

We also got to walk around the Salt Lake City Temple (where Jared and I were married). There were several couples taking their wedding pictures outside when we were there, and Kyler threw a legit fit when it was time to go, because he "wanted to go inside and get married." Our sad attempt at a selfie:

We did some shopping at City Creek Mall.

...and ate WAY too much good food.

We spent our last night there at the family cabin.

It was so incredibly beautiful up there.

It was supposed to rain the majority of the time, but we lucked out and it didn't, so we got to go 4wheeling!

The twins got smothered with attention!

...and we had way too much fun spending time with family, and playing games.

It's good to be home, but we already can't wait to go back :)

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