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Vacations part 1

14 May 2015

All three kids are down napping, so I thought I'd clean up my phone, and post some pictures up here! Let's back up to before vacation.

Jared benched 300 lbs before we left! Don't worry, I snuck a stalker pic ;)

 We went with Jared to a work conference in Atlanta. Lyla screamed pretty much the entire 4 hour drive. The Shufords were there as well, and Kyler and Ashlynn loved playing together!

Hotel elevator:

An old friend from GA, is dog sitting for us:

No Atalanta trip is complete without a visit to the Varsity:

The twins had a few baths in the hotel sink haha

Our friend's had an upgraded room, and it had a giant living room in it!

with amazing views:

We loved the ferris wheel ride:

...and ate way too much good food. Lyla passed out at breakfast one morning:

Ashlynn and Kyler had fun at the Children's Museum:

Centennial Olympic Park was gorgeous and the weather was amazing that evening!

As seen on instagram... all three kiddies slept in the same bed one night...

The twins staring at each other before falling asleep in the hotel crib the next night... you can see here how completely different their head shapes are!
We use those blankets purple and blue blankets (with Halo sleep sacs underneath) pretty much every time they sleep. The blankets are Aden and Anais knock offs I bought off ETSY. I love them, because they aren't very stretchy and it's harder for the twins to break out of being swaddled. We love the Aden blankets too though! I wish they had those around when Kyler was a baby!

The last night we were in Atlanta, we went to the hotel pool. It was outdoors and FREEZING. It had a nice view of Atlanta though:

I was just sitting on the edge with my feet in (not planning on getting in) but Kyler accidentally slipped and fell into the pool right next to me (he doesn't know how to swim yet) so I had to jump in and grab him. He was completely fine (lucky I was right next to him!). 

After Atlanta, we hopped on a plane to Utah! It was a somewhat last minute decision, but everything seemed to work out, and we're able to stay here for 2 weeks! Flying with twins was challenging, but they did pretty good overall- it could've been a lot worse! Hopefully the flight back home is similar. The hardest part was getting on and off the plane with so much stuff and carrying the twins. 

Nursing in the airport was just awkward. I haven't had to nurse in public at all since the twins were born, so this was a first! We didn't have enough time for me to nurse them individually, so I just did what I had to do...and nursed them at the same time. It was just awkward because people were staring, and my nursing cover doesn't completely cover (it's only meant for one baby apparently haha) and the twins are at that grabby stage and kept pulling the cover down. Oh well, nobody said anything to me... like I said, just stared. hah.

The twins are already 5 months- I can't believe it!

As seen on instagram, we surprised Jared's mom for Mother's day! We were excited to introduce the twins to Jared's side of the family.

We went to Jared's parents' church on Mother's Day, and Kyler marched right up on stage with all the other kids and sang the mother's day song! I love that he is so outgoing! 

I had been thinking about getting Lyla's ears pierced for a while, and we finally did it! She did so good! Hopefully now people will be able to get Ryan and Lyla's genders right haha, wearing pink wasn't enough!

Baby Cousin, Wendi, is home!

So much fun cousin time!

Good thing we have another week here, because we are nowhere near done playing!


  1. Love reading your blog and learning about your family. Loved your reason for piercing your little girls ears. I'd have my daughter with pink bows, headband and frilly clothes and they still would call her, "him." That all stopped when she got little earrings. Think you were a smart mommy getting their ears pierced now when mommy can care for them, plus don't they look so darn cute with little earrings?

    I always dreamed of having a little girl with cute little pierced earrings. I was unsure doing it as an infant, but our pediatrician who encouraged me to do it and gave me some tips for mom having their babies and little girls ears pierced.

    There is nothing sweeter than a little girl with little pierced earrings poking through their hair especially with little pearls. Pearls are for little girls for sure. It makes them look so feminine and ingénue. Our daughter is six now and is girlie-girl and loves changing her earrings to match her dresses.

    Any moms looking for more research on "to pierce or not to pierce," drop me an e-mail for our ped's suggestions.


  2. They stare because they are amazed at your awesomeness. Nothing phases you. Good job.


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