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Twins' first taste of solids

07 June 2015

I love this picture. It's actually a screen shot from the video I posted on instagram last week... I just couldn't figure out how to put the video up here. You can view it yourself (if you want) by clicking on the instagram icon to the right. Anyways, they had just woken up from naps, and I put them on their bedroom floor to play for a few minutes before running errands. The sun was shining perfectly through their window, and their skin and eyes were literally glowing. I wanted to sit there and just stare at them all day, but unfortunately the errands couldn't wait another day. So I grabbed my phone to take a picture to remember the moment by, but didn't realize it was on the video setting... so I ended up accidentally taking a video instead. Anyways, I've probably watched that video 5,000 times by now ;) I can't believe my babies are almost 6 months old!

They had their first taste of food last week! Ryan wasn't too sure of the texture...

...but Lyla loved it!

Kyler begged me at the grocery store for a bag of cupcake mix. I caved. We made them together, which was fun (and messy) but they tasted awful. Even Ky didn't like them (and he likes most anything with sugar in it).

...but he did enjoy the sprinkles. I'm convinced that sprinkles make everything taste better.

Last weekend we went out to dinner with some friends, and then went to a movie at the park- so fun! I can't wait until these babes can start walking on their own (not really, I love this view).

They are getting heavy, but they love these carriers! I wanted to see if wearing them both at the same time would work (so Jared can wear them both from now on haha). It worked! ...and I had room in my shopping cart for my food for the first time in months! :D

While I was putting laundry away the other day, I looked over to check on the twins (mostly to make sure Kyler was being soft with them---he likes to play a little too rough sometimes) but I was pleasantly surprised that he was being so sweet, soft and cuddly with them and had given them stuffed animals to play with :)

Man, I love these three little kids. There is absolutely no other job in the world I'd rather do than be their mother. 


  1. 1. your family is absolutely adorable.
    2. you do NOT look like you had twins less than 6 months ago! you look fabulous!

    Tori @

  2. This post is so sweet! My oldest likes to play a little too rough with my babe, too! Haha! Silly kiddos!


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