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Family Reunion-Topsail Island

06 August 2015

Family reunion was wonderful this year! It was the first time in over 2 years that my entire family was under the same roof! I got to meet my one of my newest nieces Maybelle (who is already 2!) and it was so good catching up with my siblings and their families.

I somehow convinced Jared to take some family pictures this trip. It was so hard getting both babies to look at the camera, and getting Kyler to smile normally is equally as challenging haa, but I think my sisters did a great job! I love them!
They are almost 8 months old :(

My dad did the annual Schralympics. Races, pushup contests, log tosses, accuracy throws etc... the adults did some contests too! (some of my siblings get competitive haha)

My mom put on a "Teddy Bear Picnic" for the grandkids one night. They loved it!

The kids mostly played in the little tide pools at the beach. It was perfect because we didn't have to worry about a wave coming and washing them out to sea..or sharks :p

We had a massive birthday party to celebrate all of the cousins birthdays for the year. It was crazy- but fun!

Kyler got a spiderman balloon made when we were in Wilmington- obviously he was obsessed.

The older cousins helped out with feeding and changing the twins diapers. It was awesome. I need these nieces to live with me ASAP -ones that are young enough to love helping with babies and young enough to not know they should be paid to be doing those things. hah

The babies LOVED the sand. They kept trying to eat it though (yuck) and got so messy every time we went out! It was a lot of work, but so worth it. I love the beach!

Sometimes it was just easier with no swimsuits on them at all. Sand was everywhere anyways, and its one less thing to wash :p

I love that little patch of hair on top of her head.

Kyler loved his first bath with the twins.

This next picture below was from a photo shoot fail! I wanted the twins to have some "lovie" stuffed animals to cuddle with. I was having a hard time choosing which to buy, so I asked Jared. He chose bunnies, because we call Lyla our "Honey Bunny" and Ryan our "Funny Bunny". Then, Kyler got jealous of the twin's bunnies, so we caved and bought him one too a week later (the big green one) he named it "Money Bunny" haha.
I wanted a cute picture of the kids and their new Jellycat Bunnies, but only Lyla was cooperating. 

We love the beach, but it's good to be back home again :D

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