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The twins turned 9 months... and then I turned 27 years old

20 September 2015

The twins are 9 months old! Time is flying by. I want them to stay this little forever!
 Standing up is her thing now! When she first started standing up, Kyler freeeaked out and would always run to her and hold her saying "whoa whoa Lyla, I got you!" (BTW he pronounces the letter "L" when he says her name now :( the first 8 months of her life he called her "Yeye Yuh") Kyler can make Lyla laugh very easily, while most other people (non family) can't even get her to smile!

 She has the standing thing down now, and sometimes will let go with both hands for a few seconds!

Lyla loves attention and loves to be held. She is crawling everywhere and likes to get into things. She is also getting very attached to Ryan. At the gym, they say whenever they take her out of her carseat to play on the floor, she will cry until they put Ryan down on the floor next to her. So cute!

Ryan loves to snuggle. He is really chill and will be content playing on the floor by himself. Ryan crawls and does this bear crawl thing sometimes too that I think is so cute! He is starting to pull himself up to standing too (did so 2 weeks after Lyla). Ryan's blue eyes are stunning! Lyla's are too, but Ryan's are a little rounder and when they catch the light just right they are so incredibly blue... Pretty much the bluest eyes I've ever seen in my life. I didn't edit the color in any of these pictures. He was just looking right out the window so the light was perfect, and I think the blue in his shirt makes them pop more than normal too.

He was tired when I took these pictures, so I didn't get any smiles out of him, but he finds humor in everyday life things, and normally laughs SO much. 

Neither of the babies have teeth, and both of the babies are sleeping about 12 hours at night and then two 1-2 hour naps a day! Love this schedule!

I tried phasing out Kyler's nap a while back to just "quiet time" but that didn't last long. He still needs a nap. He typically takes a solid 1.5 hour nap everyday. I guess my kids just like to sleep! My mom said needing a lot of sleep runs in the family. Not going to lie, I usually take a 20 min nap everyday too when all 3 kids are sleeping ;P they wear me out!

Jared made this giant cookie cake for my Bday. It was sooo good! 

We also had my wonderful nieces babysit and Jared and I went out on a date in Salt Lake City. We went shopping at City Creek, and then went out to dinner! 

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