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10 month old Twins and Mount Olympus

14 October 2015

The twins are 10 months old- we're getting close to a year! Lyla is still bigger than Ryan, although I feel like he is catching up quickly! Both are pulling themselves up to standing, but won't take any steps- even if we hold their hands. Both say "mama, dada, and baba -but not on demand. Still no teeth!

The hike up to where we took these rocky pictures was steep. (but no where near mount Olympus which I'll talk about later) it was just hard carrying the twins up!

I love Ryan's face in this one:

Kyler had his first sleep over at our house last week- His little cousins- they were so cute together!

He also had his first dentist appointment today, and did so good!

The twins met my granny and grandpa Schramm for the first time last week:

I love that we live close to so much family now! We also hung out with Meredith at T-point:

Kyler, Lyla, and Jared all got hit with a stomach bug a few weeks ago, it was so sad! but I loved the extra Lyla snuggles:

What pre-General Conference with kids looks like:

Jared and I are always having competitions with the twins. Who can change the diaper the fastest, who's twin can drink a bottle the fastest- You name it! In church we play who can get their baby to fall asleep the fastest:

I was curious what the twins would do if we put them in the same crib again. They mostly played. Then fell asleep probably 15 minutes later than normal. I kept going in to take pictures of them, because they kept moving around and they always looked so cute!
These were my favorite 2. Lyla snuggling with Ryan's leg:

and then they just looked like twins here: hah

Halloween jammies:

 We've been going to the gym every week day for a month now! It feels good to be back in a routine. I left my headphones in the car one time and when I was walking back in the building, 4 little eyes were staring at me- I just thought it was funny.

Speaking of working out. We hiked Mount Olympus last Saturday, and I was nowhere near prepared for it- but somehow made it up! Jared had been wanting to hike it for a while...because he stares at it out of his office building window:

So me, Jared, my bro in-law and my niece decided to do it- spur of the moment. I think it took us about 7 hours round trip. It was intense!

 Almost to the top:
 ...I was sore for dayssss after the hike, but it was worth it!

The last 20 minutes of the hike were crazy! You have to scramble up these huge boulders:

Standing on a cliff: 9,500+ feet

Such a beautiful sunset on the way down!

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