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Utah so far, and switching to formula

02 October 2015

Utah has been great so far! It is definitely a change of scenery, but I like it! I thought I would miss all of the NC greenery and trees everywhere, but I kind of don't. Don't get me wrong, NC is beautiful! ...but this is a nice change. I love being able to see the big open sky and these gorgeous sunsets every day beat those Charlotte ones hands down every time... the mountains are beautiful too- everyday they look different depending on the weather. Some days they look blue, others they are crystal clear or super foggy, sometimes they're in the clouds, and other times the sun just shines on them differently and they sparkle--- okay now I sound like a weirdo.

Okay, you get the point. They always look different!

 We've been hanging out with old friends that I haven't seen in years, and have been discovering tons of cool new parks! I still get homesick for Charlotte, my old friends, and my parents, but the longer we live here, the more Utah is starting to feel like home :)

We found a nice park we can walk to from our house, and we go there several times a week! Sometimes to tire the kids out before bed, and other days we'll go first thing in the morning and eat breakfast at the park. Kyler is really big into "picnics" these days.

It's been nice living close to so much family, I met Jared's Aunt Linda for the first time, and she gifted the twins with these blankets/bears

Kyler loves having so many cousins to play with, and we always have nieces/nephews that want to hold the babies:

We've been on several date nights, thanks to our older nieces for babysitting. Last week we went to the temple!

We also got to see our niece, Rachel, get baptized! How cute is that grin?! 

The twins are 9.5 months old, and we just completely switched to formula! Breastfeeding them was wonderful- I miss our quiet bonding time-just us three snuggled all close together, but I was ready to be done, and they were ready to be done too! Every time I would nurse them they seemed uninterested and kept trying to roll off the pillow and crawl away to go play. They love their bottles now, and we are all happy. It's so nice not having to plan our outings around when they need to nurse- I just bring bottles!

...but I don't ever want to forget the way Lyla used to fall asleep with her hand like this while nursing:

Or the way Ryan's eyes used to roll back in his head like nursing was the best thing in the world. I never took a picture of that, but I also always want to remember how he loved to fall asleep with his face pressed up to skin:

Lyla falls asleep while playing with her hands, and we used to find her sleeping like this all the time:

and while I'm posting old pictures, (I've come to realize that pictures just get lost and disappear forever unless I put them here on my blog) so I'm going to post an old picture of some baby booties. (sorry jared) "Now they can never become president" like you always say when I post baby bum pics :p
Look how tiny!

...and here was last weeks...

Speaking of baby booties, My mom's friend from Chile made these little booties for the twins:

I was feeding the twins breakfast last week, when I decided to pull out the fancy camera and snap a few pictures of them... I was rushing the morning routine so we could make it to an appointment on time, but then I just couldn't help but pause and soak up how little and cute they still we had a mini photo shoot- and I still made it to my appointment on time. BAM. They're actually eating in all of these pictures- that's how I got them to hold so still ;p I literally picked them up out of their highchairs and put them on this blanket. They have been eating in just diapers lately because they get so messy! Lyla was already holding that airplane she had found prior to breakfast. I do admit that I pulled a cheerio off that was stuck to Ryan's stomach, and threw a headband on Lyla- she usually doesn't eat in those because, again, messy. Other than that, this was spur of the moment haha, and these types of photo shoots are always my favorite!

Kyler was helping by making them smile:

Ryan stuffing food in his mouth haha:

...and then here is a "real life" one- they let me know when they are done with pictures!

...and Ryan sneezing, this one is my fav. Food coming out of Ryan's mouth, and Lyla's face cracks me up:
These are all Charlie Banana Cloth diapers pictured here. Read THAT review HERE. Gosh I love these babies!

...and my BIG baby too ;) who is too cool and refuses to put up with my photo shoots:


  1. Wow those pictures of where you live are absolutely breath taking!! God's creation is just amazing!! Your babies are just precious and those bear blanket look so comfy!

    1. Thank you! I can't wait to read about your birth story when baby boy comes!

  2. Amen to the mountains. Amen to nursing. Amen to your adorable babies. I use Alva diapers too--they are my favorite brand I've tried so far. You can put that in your review if you want.

    1. I'm kind of nervous because they are so cheap! I can't wait to try them though!


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