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Our Twins are ONE!

17 December 2015

I re-read the twins birth story last week, and bawled my eyes out. That first year flew by. 

While I was taking the twin's one year pictures, Jared and my Brother inlaw and nieces and nephews, tried out the hot spring! They said it was awesome and so warm...guess I'll have to get in next time :p

Kyler was in HEAVEN with all of the balloons we had around on their birthday week.

We got our first snow this week!

Kyler has had a stomach bug the last few days, but is finally starting to feel better.

He has been asking to drink out of a baby bottle lately. Too funny, this kid!

Ryan and Lyla occasionally nap in the same bed when we aren't at home...I found her laying on his legs :) perhaps it's time to invest in a second packNplay!

I change out their sheets and blankets every few days. That blue fuzzy blanket sat in the laundry basket for a several days before I finally got around to washing it. After I pulled it out of the dryer and Ryan saw it, he immediately giggled and rubbed his face in it. I hadn't realized he was so attached to it! I'll have to be sure to wash and return immediately from now on ;) I love when babies get attached to things. 
Speaking of attached...he can't get enough of that sparkly binky! 

Our cloth diaper stash is still growing! I love all these colors :)

The twins were newborns last Christmas, so it's like their first Christmas all over again...they love the lights!

We went to temple was cold...but fun! The different nativities they had displayed from all around the world were cool!

I love this season!


  1. such a great looking family and looks like a great day. Thank you also for the info on Karly ( nice to know)

  2. your babies are just edible! all three of them!


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