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14 months/ Valentines

17 February 2016

The twins turned 14 months old!

Life with twins is getting a bit trickier now that Lyla is walking and climbing:
 That poor lamp is on its' last leg. 

She just wants to explore everything and has no fear of falling. I know it will only get crazier when Ryan starts to walk! He is content crawling for now. He is SUPER fast (he crawls on his hands and feet). Lyla is our walker and Ryan is our talker. 

Kyler has been playing so nicely (most of the time) with the twins lately!

At church, Jared teaches sunday school (gospel doctrine) and I teach Relief Society. Sundays can be exhausting at times with the twins not being old enough for nursery yet... but it's worth it ;)

Jared has been on a bulking phase...which has caused some wardrobe malfunctions :p

... but he reached his goal and benched 315 lbs!!
Now, it's on the the cutting/weight loss phase. I love his enthusiasm for fitness. It helps keep me motivated :) 

 So much energy!

Lyla is very sensitive. When you tell her "no" she typically cries. Sometimes when we tell Ryan "no" (like if he is throwing food or pulling the lamp off the table...) He will laugh and do it again, and Lyla will cry for him.

Lyla has always been a Mamma's girl. Ryan is usually so easy going and will go to anybody. However, lately, he has gotten very attached to daddy! He stood at the door and cried the other day after Jared left for work. It was so sad, but also kind of adorable. I texted Jared this picture and then scooped him up and took him outside to show him that daddy was gone. Just then, Jared pulled up in front of the house to say bye to Ryan one last time. So cute :)
Nobody was in the mood for a cute Valentines picture. 

We went to my nephew's musical recently. I love musicals and I love that we live so close to so much family and get to go to these types of things! Plus... my nieces/nephews make great babysitters!

Jared and I (and most of his sibling and his parents) went to Maddox in Brigham city on Saturday to celebrate Valentine's Day, while the older cousins babysat. Jared's steak was huge.
I wasn't kidding.

Every time we see Jared's mom, she asks us when we are going back to Charlotte (she has issues with her memory). Her face is always priceless when we tell her we live in Utah now. Like it's the best news in the world! I love that we get to experience telling her that (and making her day) over and over again. :)

Bauer is starting to look a little older; his face is getting some grey hairs. Kinda sad.

Kyler is BFFs with his cousins. They had a little sleepover here last weekend.

I had strep throat two weeks ago. On Saturday night, Jared started to get a sore throat...and by Sunday it was hurting pretty bad and he had a fever. We thought if he was going to get strep from me, he would have gotten it a while ago... seeing as I had already finished my antibiotics, but I made him go to the doctor anyways just to get tested. Sure enough he had strep! I felt bad that we had hung out with so much family on Saturday, and many of them are now sick :( Typically babies under 2 don't get strep in their throats, but (rarely) they can get it in the form of another infection, and unfortunately Lyla was one of those rare cases, and got an infection on her finger, so she is on antibiotics too! 

Hopefully this is the last sickness our house sees for a VERY long time.

Hello again!

05 February 2016

Whoops! It's been a while since I've posted on here! I missed Christmas and the whole month of January. Realistically, I can't go back and write about all of the little details that I want, but this is the most journaling I do, so I will do my best to recap the big stuff :)

Christmas happened. This was probably my favorite year yet with Kyler being 5. He was deep in imagination land. Some of our friends from church play "Mr. and Ms. Claus" as their jobs in December, and they came over one night after working in their costumes. Kyler LOVED it. The twins? Not so much...

Santa in our house (santa app) 

Kyler only asked for two things for Christmas... an "up" balloon and a silver ring like daddy's. He got both and then Santa threw in a few bonus gifts. Lyla loves her dolly and Ryan loves his new soft bunny blanket (dang didn't get a picture of all of the gifts whoops and also missing are our pictures from Christmas at Jared's families house acting out the nativity... must be on Jared's phone)

I took a few pics of the twinzies too...I'm a sucker for cloth diaper pics if you can't tell.

New Year's Eve was spent with family...and the karaoke machine. Kyler has Vanilla Ice down. Lyla woke up a few minutes before midnight (again just like last year as a newborn.).

New Years day we left the kids and went hiking in the snow to Doughnut Falls with the Jagers. Gosh it was so fun.

The snow has been pretty, but I'm still not used to it and HATE it. I just want to take my babies outside to play! Instead we are cooped up inside all day :(

Because we go stir crazy easily, we've taken lots of trips to the Curiosity Museum.

...and have been trying to plan more playdates...

We also go to the gym everyday. Mostly to get out of the house :) Sometimes we are a little redneck and bring the twins in the jammies they've worn all day. I love all of the teachers!

Kyler was "mad" at Lyla one day in the car (she probably wasn't looking at him when he wanted lol) and I heard him say "This is you Lyla and your crazy hair!!" in a very grumpy voice. I turned around and saw his picture... too funny!

Ryan and Lyla turned 13 months!

The twins had their one year check up finally (at 13.5 months months) They are both 19lbs (5%for Ry and 19% for Ly) They also had to do an iron test where they pricked their toes... I didn't realize that Lyla's toe was apparently gushing blood all over my pants (khaki's of course). Yup, that was embarrassing.

Kyler went through a phase where he wanted to match Jared all of the time... it was cute :) I said, the kids and I live in PJs most days, I don't remember why I had real clothes and hair done on this particular day but obviously I wanted it documented bahaha:

I started working a little part time job from home for Alva Baby. ( their biggest item is their cloth diapers, but right now I'm mostly working on their newest product... bibs:

Kyler finally learned how to write his name! I say finally, because of course he probably could have written his name YEARS ago had he wanted to... but he was never interested in writing! I tried not to push him and let him learn when he was ready, and BAM he has really taken off these past few months with writing and reading! I'm so proud of him. 

With church at 11am (instead of 9am) this year, we've actually been better at getting there on time!

Then our house got hit with the sickies. Fevers, Colds, Strep throat, Teething. It's been fun :) 

 Oh, and one last picture of my messy babies, because cleaning their messes is my life right now, and I wouldn't have it any other way!