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Alva Baby Bandana Bibs

31 March 2016

Our twins are finally in the "teething stage". They both have their bottom two teeth and I'm sure their top teeth will be coming in any day now. Because they are teething, they have been drooling like crazy! We love these Alva Baby bandana bibs.

My favorite part about them is that they close with snaps. Most of our bibs are velcro and the twins just pull them off the second I put them on...but these snaps are too hard for the babies to pull off! There are two snaps making the sizing adjustable to fit tiny babies as well as big toddlers which is a bonus.

The back of the bibs is made out of fleece, which is so soft and super absorbent. It keeps their skin and clothes dry!

I especially love these bibs for when we are out of the house and they are drooling or eating snacks (like at church or restaurants) because they keep their clothes clean, but they still look cute!

You can get them on or We also love our Alva Baby cloth diapers! You can read that review here.

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