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07 December 2016

November started out a bit rough for Ryan. He had croup and woke up one morning struggling to breath! It was one of the scariest mom moments I had ever experienced! We quickly got out our nebulizer and gave him a breathing treatment, but it didn't help so we ended up taking him to the ER.

The Dr. gave him more breathing treatments and some steroids and he was breathing better pretty quickly. Thank goodness!

Jared turned 33 this month! We went to a movie (Arrival) and out to dinner at Shula's.
Most of my pics these days are from my snapchat so thats why they all have the caption :p

Kyler did great in his primary program, and later that week he turned 6 years old!!

We have a tradition of being served your favorite breakfast in bed when it is your birthday, and Kyler chose donuts!

He just wanted a small family party this year with 2 of his cousins. I love that he and Nathan and Joshua are best buddies! We took them to play at Curiosity Museum, and then headed back to our house for cake and a sleepover.

We got him two (used) power wheels for his birthday- so fun!

School is going pretty well for Kyler. He is struggling with reading, but is doing great with math. 

These are some of his buddies from school:

We used to walk to school everyday, but now that it's been getting cold we've been driving. Such a pain having to sit in carpool lines. 

Kyler's Aunt Meredith came to his class and taught about Native Americans and did a dance!

We hosted Thanksgiving (for the first time ever) this year at our house! 30 people! It was potluck style so we didn't have to do much cooking, and we used all paper products (so classy) so cleanup was easy too!

 It's been awhile since we've had a big family picture!
Everyone, but my nephew, Austin, (who is on a mission) was there!

I'll try not to be as late on my December post. but no promises ;)

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