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Baby #4

02 January 2017

The twins took several years of trying and many, many months of fertility treatments to get pregnant, but to our surprise, this one came naturally! We are thrilled! What a miracle this baby is.

I'm currently 15 weeks, and feeling blessed! We waited to share the news publicly, because we had some complications early in the pregnancy and weren't sure if baby was going to make it or not. Our first ultrasound showed an issue with the placental attachment. The day after my ultrasound the nurse called to tell me the news. She told me I needed to be off my feet as much as possible, pelvic rest, and no lifting…as close to bedrest as I could. She also told me that I would probably start bleeding soon (but I never did), because she could see blood between the uterine wall and placenta on my ultrasound, called a subchorionic hemorrhage.
I panicked, and was a huge emotional mess. It was honestly one of the hardest weeks of my life. Jared and my brother in-law gave me a priesthood blessing, and both of our families prayed/fasted for us. I really felt those prayers and was comforted in knowing that whatever happened would be Heavenly Father's will.

The next week I had a doctors appointment, and my doctor calmed our fears. She re-assured us that the placenta issue is common, and she expected a full term and healthy pregnancy! She also apologized for the nurse giving us unnecessary reason to concern. We had another ultrasound that showed us that the placenta was beginning to heal on it's own, and our baby was healthy and growing (actually a week ahead of schedule!) Our prayers were answered, and we are so happy!

I started showing super early this pregnancy! Within a matter of weeks I had a noticeable baby bump. Tiny with a little bloating at week 7 of pregnancy:

…and just one month later at 11 weeks, my belly had already "popped"

I was thinking it HAD to be twins again, because although I weigh significantly less now than my pre-pregnancy weight with the twins, my bump this time around is just as big or maybe even slightly bigger than it was when I was pregnant with the twins! Also, I have been more nauseous this pregnancy than I was with the twins. However, my doctor assured me, that I was just showing sooner and my uterus was/is growing larger, faster because my last pregnancy was twins, and my body remembers that extreme growth it went through last time. Plus, both of my ultrasounds had confirmed that it's just one baby; I just had a hard time believing it!

My friends were so sweet...I know they noticed my bump, but patiently waited and didn't say anything to me (just to each other haha) until I was ready to share the news. Some of my very honest friends just straight up asked me when I was due without me even telling them I was pregnant haha. Made me laugh. I can't blame them…my baby bump was hard not to notice, even at 11 weeks!

Our most recent ultrasound was at 13 weeks. Baby is doing great, and the placenta is completely healed! We had the non-invasive integrated screening done (tests for down syndrome and other genetic abnormalities) and baby is not at risk. My doctor also moved up my due date because baby is still measuring a week ahead. I'm due JUNE 25, 2017~

On Christmas Eve, we told Kyler (and the twins, but they have no idea whats going on) that we are going to have another baby. Kyler was so excited!! We asked him if he wanted a baby brother or a baby sister, and he said…."both! I want a baby brother and a baby sister! I want two babies…and... We can name them New Ryan and New Lyla!" It was such a funny conversation explaining that it's just ONE baby this time and that the baby would need a different name. We showed him the ultrasound picture and he said "Oh, it's a brother! I can tell, because he doesn't have long hair!" We find out the gender in a few weeks! Jared and I are both thinking it is a girl, but we will have to see!

Love this family of mine, and can't wait for another sweet baby to join us!

Photos by Jennifer Nichols