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March 2017

30 March 2017

Look at me! Blogging about March, on the last day of March. I'm so on top of things. ha. March was a good (and busy) month. We painted our fence! We had some of our wonderful family come over to help paint. I didn't think to take an after picture, but here is a during. It looks so much better now that it's painted! Next up is landscaping, and redoing the sprinkler system that got demolished during the installation of the fence. My back still hurts from painting. Bending/lifting is getting hard so unfortunately Jared will be doing most of that work alone.

The kids helped measure for outdoor patio furniture. 

It warmed up to the 70's for a week which was awesome. It is chilly again now, but the flowers are blooming and trees are budding, so warmer weather is just around the corner. I took some swim diaper photos for Alva Baby/Baby Goal.

and some training pants photos, and pacifier clips, and bibs, and plates and about 20 other products but I won't bore you with ALL of the pics.

I actually REALLY love these silicone plates. Kyler was excited to model in a product photo too!

This is actually Ryan haha…shhhhh...

I thought I would also put a few screen shots up here on the blog of the kids on Amazon. Some of these pictures are from last year and they look so tiny!

Jared snapped a few photos of us before church the other week. When I was pregnant with Kyler I would take bump pictures every week to document. Poor baby #4 only has a few haha.

Kyler is "off track" (has a break from school) for a few weeks, but we have been busy keeping up on reading and learning his sight words~ Is it just me or is Kindergarten so much harder than it used to be?!

Kyler didn't want Bauer to get pinched on St. Patricks day so he taped this to his collar.

We had a good FHE lesson about forever families and took the kids to Jared's grandparents graves. It was a very special lesson.

Baby Girl (still haven't decided on a name!) is growing! I've been updating the blog every month, so it's weird to think I will only have 2-3 more blog updates as a family of 5 before she comes. I can't believe we are about to become a family of 6!! 28 weeks…hello 3rd trimester! 

Can't wait to meet this sweet baby girl!

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