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May 2017 Mother's Day, Bike Rider, Broken Arm

31 May 2017

It FINALLY warmed up! We had a few playdates outside with friends/neighbors this month. I have definitely been feeling the lack of energy this 3rd trimester, so I haven't been doing as much as I've wanted to!

Someone has been a little grumpy lately…haha

The twins and Cousin Wendi…2 years later! It's hard to tell from the pics because she is bending her legs and they aren't lined up evenly... but Wendi is actually slightly bigger than both Ryan and Lyla now!

Lyla's baby curls are starting to grow out and it's the saddest thing ever :(

Kyler is still taking swim lessons. He has improved so much! He was terrified to get his face wet before, but now he will jump in and get the rings off of the pool floor!

Can't wait for another littler girl to join us in a few weeks!

I procrastinated so bad on her nursery, but we got a lot done these past few weeks! Her room went from this... 

To this! Still have a few more things to get, but we have all of the big stuff!

I got spoiled on Mother's Day! The Saturday before, Jared and I went to dinner and a movie. On Mother's Day, I got breakfast in bed (chikfila purchased the day before and then re-heated…kinda our tradition hah). Kyler made a sweet book at school. It was adorable! One of the pages said: "My mom is really good at feeding the babies." haha

Also on Mother's Day, Jared taught Kyler how to ride a bike! He probably could've done it a loooong time ago, but we just barely got around to buying him a (used) bike.

We keep having these gorgeous sunsets with cotton candy clouds!

Proof that sometimes they like each other and get along :p

Kyler had a blast at his first school fun run!

Ryan is the best snuggler around :)

Our baby trees we planted are growing!

Lyla took a tumble off of a kitchen chair and landed weird on her arm…she has two fractures in the ulna and radius. Poor baby!

For Memorial Day weekend, we hung out with the Schramm's at Thanksgiving Point and then the Antczak's, at our family cabin!

April snow showers

02 May 2017

It seemed like April flew by! They say April showers bring May flowers….but what do April snow showers bring? Because we had several of those! They didn't last long, but snow in April was actually kind of pretty! All of the trees that were blossoming white flowers were dusted in snow, as well as the green plants that are normally brown during the normal winter snow…it was kind of beautiful out!

Kyler was "off track" from school for half of the month. We worked really hard on memorizing his sight words, and he did so well! We also did a lot of fun activities at Thanksgiving Point, and had several playdates with his cousins.

Jared did a ton of landscaping work this month…tons of privacy trees, and flowers and shrubs. We also finally purchased some patio furniture, and hung some outdoor drapes.

Jared also put in a new sprinkler system for our yard. He taught himself how to do it (internet/youtube videos) and he did a great job!

We had a wonderful Easter! The kids opened their Easter baskets and did an egg hunt in the morning. Then, we had Stake Conference, and walked around temple square. After that, we had family over for dinner…busy day, but so fun.

We took some timer pics at the temple, and actually got a few with everyone looking at the camera and smiling….it was a miracle!

The most spiritual moment of my day was when I was sitting in the visitor's center with my little family (it was pretty much just us in there). We were all looking up at the big statues of Christ, and it was so peaceful and quiet. The twins loved the paintings of the stars and couldn't stop staring, and Kyler was being oddly reverent too. I could feel the spirit so strong in there, and I got teary eyed thinking about the love Heavenly Father has for our little family. I wanted a picture to remember the moment by, so we put the camera on the timer…and the resulting pictures, weren't exactly how I envisioned them…but I guess it's real life. Moments change so quickly~!

The twins had their first dentist appointment this month…not cavities! and Kyler started taking some private swim lessons. He was NOT excited that first lesson…but now he LOVES swim lessons!

Jared and I got to go on a date to the temple this month. I love that we live so close!

This is my friend Liana, she is due with a girl not too far after me! We have the same maternity dress so we wanted to take a bump pic together haha.

Baby girl is still growing well! I did have my glucose test, and almost failed, just like with my other pregnancies. I was just a few points away from having gestational diabetes (but I don't have it!). My doctor said this just means I have higher blood sugar while pregnant and that I need to limit the amount of candy/treats/ sodas I have. (which is so hard while pregnant haha!). We still aren't 100% sure on her name yet. Our current favorites are: Makenzie, Brynley, Zoey, and Abigail…I'm hoping to decide on her name before she is born, it's just such a hard decision! 

My old iPhone started breaking, so for an early Mother's Day present, Jared got me an iPhone 7 plus! I LOVE it!! The camera is awesome! 

Like I said before, April weather was so weird. Snow one day and 70's the next. 

Okay, I feel like this post is taking forever to write…a few more pics and I'm done…promise! Last weekend we walked around temple square (again!) with my family, and had a wonderful luncheon at my Uncles house. I love living so close to so much family! Now, I just need to get my parents to move here ;p