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Bringing Zoey home and Newborn photos (June-July 2017)

23 July 2017

The day after we came home from the hospital, we had Zoey's newborn pictures taken:

I regretted only having a few pictures of Kyler and the twins during their first few weeks of life. Sooo…. I went a bit overboard on Zoey. Enjoy the picture dump! Also, just ignore any typos, grammatical errors, and misspellings…I'm still sleep deprived here!

Lyla was slightly jealous (and obsessed at the same time) of Zoey, she kept wrapping herself up in blankets and asking to be held like a baby.

Ryan is finally starting to talk! He went from only saying a few words here and there, to (3-4 word) sentences and imitating what we say… so proud of this boy.

Her first home bath:

We had tons of family over and friends visiting those first few weeks. Never a dull moment here!

My parents stayed another week after Zoey was born to help with the kids, which I was so grateful for! C-sections are so hard. I remember one night Ryan was crying so I walked into his room and realized he needed a diaper change, but I couldn't lift him out of the crib or bend over to change his diaper and I felt so helpless that I started crying too. haha. Jared told me not to worry and that he would let me change as many poopy diapers as I wanted once I was healed and that he would remind me how I cried over not being able to change a poopy diaper once :p.

The first day I had the kids by myself was rough... I got an infection from the C-section  :/ Antibiotics kicked in pretty quickly though, and Jared was able to work from home a few extra days, and family helped out with the kids!

Kyler's first time holding Zoey standing up. He was so excited! He loves holding her.

Finally got a date night in!

…and just like that our baby is 1 month old!

Also, I want to remember how sweet of a big brother Kyler has been lately. At Zoey's checkup they had to prick her heel for blood work. Kyler got so upset and thought they were "stapling" her foot and felt so bad that she was crying and hurt. Also, at the aquarium, Lyla was crying at the top of the climbing structure, Kyler went to help her and witnessed a girl. who for no reason, was pinching and scratching Lyla (she drew blood!). Kyler was so upset he started crying too. 15 minutes later Kyler (still sobbing) said "Mom, can I please go to bed now? I just can't stop thinking about that mean girl hurting Lyla and I want to sleep so I can stop thinking about it." He sure does love his siblings!

Father/son date:

and last but not least, sweet Zoey girl:

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  1. She is precious!! That is so sweet of Kyler, what a great big brother :)


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